Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hi everyone.

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that all is OK. Kristin is still very busy at work. She spends all day at Rima's working on her radio program and then spends most of the evening working on e-mail. I'm glad I don't have to work so many hours!

I think her hard work is paying off. Kristin learned this week that the last radio program she and Keith worked on just won a VERY BIG award. Kristin says the program is called "Security Check: Confronting Today's Global Threats." So I don't get it wrong: here's what I know about the award. The radio show won best documentary and the overall grand award for radio in the National Headliners competition. That sounds really important, doesn't it? Kristin says this is better than getting TWO gold stars on homework!

You can see more about the awards at:

Kristin tells me she and Keith will travel to Atlantic City, New Jersey in May for a special awards program. I hope if I am really good on this trip that Kristin will take me take me with her to Atlantic City! Do you know what state Atlantic City is located in?

Kristin says she and Keith traveled to Uganda for that radio program. Kristin also visited Thailand for that radio program. See if you can find those countries on the map.

Kristin also says Rima helped her "mix" the winning radio program. I think I am going to have to spend less time playing with Willa and more time learning what Kristin and Rima are doing every day. Maybe I will learn how to make an award winning radio program.

I knew about the award on Monday but Kristin said I had to keep it a secret until today. I'm not sure why but I promised I wouldn't tell anyone until today. is REALLY hard to keep a secret that long!

I am still having fun with Ted and playing with Willa. Kristin hopes she will get to show me more of Los Angeles this weekend. I told her not to worry. She is busy and I am just happy to be in Los Angeles and seeing new places.

Until next time....