Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Trip To The Beach

Hi everyone. I am SO glad I get to go on these trips with Kristin. She always shows me new and cool things.

Today Kristin had lunch with Rima and Rima's husband, Norb. Rima said the restaurant was near the Pacific Ocean and she said she would take us there if we wanted to see it. Of course I said YES!

We walked just a few blocks and suddenly we were walking on a sandy beach along the ocean. The sand is very thick and Kristin said it is a bit hard to walk on with shoes on. Rima took her shoes off but Kristin had on a pair of boots and decided it was OK to keep them on.

The beach is SO COOL! It smells like nothing I have ever smelled before. Kristin says the smell is a combination of the sand and the salt in the ocean. Kristin says the Pacific Ocean is a saltwater ocean. I had no idea!

It was VERY windy today and quite cold for this time of year in California but there were many people playing sand volleyball on the beach. Others were walking along a trail.

Norb took this picture of me with Kristin and Rima. You can see the ocean behind me.

Can you tell it was really windy? Look at how funny Kristin's hair looks!

Kristin said it was way too cold to actually play in the water but she did let me play in the sand. I noticed while playing in the sand that there were lots of little pieces of shells. Here you can see me looking for shells in the sand.

Most of the shells I saw were broken but I found a small one and Rima found a few more for me. Kristin said I could keep them so she is storing them in a safe place for me.

I am so glad I got to see the ocean. I had never visited an ocean before today. Did you know there is more than one ocean in the world? See if you can look up the names of the other oceans.

Until next time....