Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Piece of Muscatine in California

Hi again.

Kristin is VERY busy working so I don't have much time on the computer tonight but I wanted to give you a brief update on my trip.

Today I discovered that Kristin's friend Rima doesn't actually live IN Los Angeles. She lives in a place called Culver City. It is next to Los Angeles on the map but Culver City is a separate city. I think this must be similar to the way Fruitland is next to Muscatine on the map.

Speaking of Muscatine, today we had lunch at a local restaurant called Coco's. Guess what? Kristin says the ketchup on our table was made in Muscatine! She says she can tell by the small black letters on cap of the bottle. How cool is that! We found something made in Muscatine right here in California!

I am starting to realize that it takes a great deal of patience to make...or "mix" a radio program. Even more patience than it takes to travel! This means Kristin doesn't get to spend much time with me. But that's OK because I have Ted and Willa to play with. Willa jumped and barked when we got to Rima's house today. I think Willa was excited to see me.

Today is was very sunny and about 60 degrees. So I played outside for part of the day because the weather is so nice.

Kristin says she and Rima finished a draft version of THREE more minutes of the show today. That's way more than yesterday. But if my math is correct, that means Kristin and Rima have 50 more minutes to complete. Whew....good thing I have some toys with me. I think Kristin is going to be very busy for the entire trip!

Until next time.....