Thursday, March 23, 2006

Very Busy Day

Hi again. I've had another very busy day here in NYC. But Kristin has had an even busier day (I will explain shortly).

This morning I got to sleep in because Kristin and Amy's meeting was pushed back until noon. It was nice to get some extra sleep.

Before the meeting, we had breakfast at the restaurant connected to the hotel. Then we got into a big yellow cab and rode "downtown" for Kristin and Amy's meeting. I LOVE riding in the big yellow cabs. The drivers all speed really fast when the stoplight turns green and then they stop just as fast when the light turns red. It's like riding a rollercoaster at the fair! I'm not so sure Amy and Kristin like the rough ride I sure do!

It turns out that Kristin and Amy's meeting was at a photography agency called "VII". It sounds like the number "7" but it is spelled VII. Do you know why it is spelled this way? Kristin says that's because the V and the I are Roman numerals. Do you know what Roman numerals are? See if you can learn more about them.

Kristin says some of the best photographers in the entire world work for this agency. She also says the foundation has hired the agency to take pictures of many different countries in the Middle East. Kristin and Amy are the "team leaders" for this project. I think that means they are in charge.

VII sent four photographers to many different places in the Middle East including Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and even one place I have visited: the United Arab Emirates. See if you can find all of these countries on the map.

So for three hours Kristin and Amy viewed many, many pictures on a computer. All of them were very interesting and I even recognized some of the pictures of Dubai. Kristin says she and Amy are working to select the "best" of the pictures. They all look great so I think selecting "the best"is going to be a very hard job.

After looking at SO many photos, I decided not to ask Kristin to take my picture at VII. I think she needed a break.

Plus, I haven't told you why Kristin was so busy today. Just before we left the hotel, Kristin's friend Simon called her cell phone and I could tell by the look on her face that something was wrong. She did NOT look happy. I'm not sure I understand exactly what happened but Kristin says some of the audio in the radio program we mixed in Los Angeles had to be changed FAST. Kristin spent most of the cab ride on the phone with so many different people that I lost track.

But after lots of calls and messages with Simon, Keith and her friend Rima, Kristin says the team was able to "fix" the problem. Whew! For awhile I was worried that I was going to be headed back to Los Angeles! I like LA but I am starting to understand that traveling...or "being on the road" as Kristin calls it is very tiring.

After Kristin solved the problem with the radio show, she and Amy took me to a place in NYC that I haven't visited before. It is a place called Rockefeller Center. Kristin says this is a very famous part of the city. The main headquarters of NBC is located in Rockefeller Center. Here you can see me with Kristin standing across the street from the "Today Show" studio.

No one was in the studio at the time but it was still neat to see.

Then Kristin showed me something very cool...and I mean COOL! Guess what? There is an outside ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center! Kristin says many people skate there. We didn't have time to skate today but you can see the ice rink behind me and Kristin in this photo.

Then Kristin took me to a very special place. It is the spot where a HUGE Christmas tree is placed every year. Kristin says it is a special part of New York City's holiday celebration. And she says the tree is WAY taller than any Christmas tree I have ever seen.

Of course there wasn't a tree there today but there is a special plaque that marks the spot where the tree is placed. Here you can see me on the "official" tree spot. Now I want to come here at Christmas time to see the tree. Kristin says she has seen the tree on some of her trips here. I am SO jealous.

After our visit to Rockefeller Center, Kristin and Amy had dinner near Times Square before we walked home. Man, we sure have to walk a lot here. I am glad Kristin told me to wear my "walking shoes".

That's all for now. I'm headed back to Iowa tomorrow.

Until next time.