Monday, April 17, 2006

Home Again

Hi everyone. I am home again from my whirlwind Easter weekend!

Kristin and I got back to Muscatine this afternoon. But, I was able to have some fun in Denver with Eugene and his Dad before we left.

Eugene's dad, Keith, has a HUGE shed behind his house. The shed has space to store cars, lawn tractors and there is a large room called the "wood shop." This morning Eugene and his Dad took me for a tour of the shed.

Here I am pretending to drive Keith's John Deere lawn tractor.

Eugene's dad likes old cars. He has restored one called an MG. I've never heard of this brand but the car is really COOL! It is a convertible and Eugene says the car was in very bad shape and missing parts when Keith bought it. Eugene says it took his dad a long time to make it look like it does today. Eugene's dad must be really smart because I'm not sure I could rebuild a car.

The car is yellow...but Eugene calls it "John Deere" yellow. I was beginning to sense a theme at this point. It seems many things at Eugene's parent's house are John Deere. Here I am with Eugene's Dad and the MG.

And here I am pretending to drive the MG.

After showing me his car, Eugene's dad showed me his "wood shop." This is where he makes lots of different things from wooden blocks. Here you can see me with some of the wood blocks that Eugene's dad is going to turn into pens, bowls, and wooden eggs.

Eugene's dad has LOTS of tools in his shop. My favorite is the saw that cuts the large wood blocks. It is REALLY loud. It also has a very sharp blade and Eugene says I would have to wear what he calls "protective" glasses if I was using the saw. Keith didn't have any special glasses for me but he did let me get a close look at the saw. But, Keith made sure the machine was OFF and he made sure I didn't get too close to the blade. Here you can see me on checking out the saw.

I want to thank Kristin and Eugene for showing me Madison and Denver this weekend. I also want to thank Kristin and Eugene's parents for being very nice and allowing me to spend time with them this Easter.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.

Until next time....