Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Next Adventure - EGYPT!

Hi everyone. As many of you already know, my friend Kristin is going to Egypt soon and she is taking me with her!

I am SO excited (and my Aunt Lynn is VERY jealous). Kristin told me about the trip a few weeks ago but I guess she's known about it for a LONG time. Now I know why she wanted me to pay attention to the Egypt section of the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. It was awesome but I never thought I would get to travel to Egypt. Boy, Kristin is just full of surprises!

Anyway, Kristin says we leave on Friday. She has been very busy at work trying to get ready so she promises to tell me more about the trip when we get on the plane. Kristin has also been busy packing for the trip. I am trying to help her when I can. Here you can see me helping her pack the bag she calls her "purse."

I REALLY like this bag. I'm sitting in the pocket where Kristin has made room just for me so I can see what she sees on the trip. How cool is that?!

Well I had better get back to packing. I will keep you updated as often as I can.

Until next time....