Thursday, May 11, 2006

Getting Ready to Leave Egypt

Hi everyone. Today is my last day in Egypt.

Kristin is busy packing and soon we are going to go to a special dinner to celebrate the trip. I am a bit sad to be leaving. I met so many nice people and learned so many new things! I wish I could stay longer but I suppose my Mom and Aunt Lynn would like to see me.

While Kristin is busy packing (and she has A LOT to pack), I am busy studying hieroglyphics. I am very interested in learning more about the ancient Egyptian alphabet. Kristin says if I study really hard, I might be able to read the pictures on the temples when I come back to Egypt (and yes...Egypt is another place I want to visit again!).

Kristin bought me this cool ruler that helps me learn the basic hieroglyphics.

Also, my Aunt Lynn sent me a few Web sites to help me learn more about hieroglyphics. You can even see your name spelled in hieroglyphics on one of them! Here are the sites in case you want to learn more. and

Thanks Aunt Lynn for sending me these links!

Kristin says we are leaving the hotel at 2:30AM Friday morning and our flight leaves at 5:30AM (WOW...Kristin must REALLY like early flights because it seems all of her flights are VERY early!). We will stop in Frankfurt, Germany again and get on a new plane and land in Washington, DC around 4:00PM on Friday afternoon. We are spending the night in Washington and I should be home in Iowa on Saturday afternoon.

I know from my last trip to the region that the flights are MUCH longer than they appear on the schedule. I bet I will have some of that "jet lag" stuff when I get back to the USA! So I better get some sleep.

Bye for now...