Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Surprise...I am in Washington DC!

Hi everyone. I am SO excited to be writing to you from Washington DC.

Kristin asked me on Saturday if I wanted to go with her and Keith to the nation's capital for a "quick" trip. Of course I said YES!

We left Moline on Sunday morning and flew to Chicago. We then got on another plane and flew to Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. I've actually been to this airport before so I recognized it right away. How cool is that?

Keith and Kristin are here to meet with people who are helping the Stanley Foundation with a big meeting later this year. So yesterday (Monday) we went to this BIG building called the Reagan Center. Guess what? It is named in honor of President Ronald Reagan. I had no idea!

Anyway, Keith and Kristin were very busy most of the morning talking to people about their big meeting. They were also taking pictures so they could show their friends at the foundation. So, they didn't have time to take a photo of me. :(

But, as soon as the meeting was over Kristin told me we were going to see their friend Simon Marks at his office. I was really excited because I got to play TV anchor at Simon's office when I was in DC with Keith and Kristin earlier this year.

I thought we would take a cab but Keith and Kristin decided to take the Metro. Then I was REALLY excited. Do you remember me telling you about the Metro on my other trips? It's a FAST underground train system. I LOVE to ride the Metro. It is so much fun!

I played TV anchor while Keith and Kristin talked to Simon for awhile. Then we took the Metro back to our hotel so Keith and Kristin could get ready for dinner. I thought we were just going to eat somewhere near the hotel but Keith and Kristin got very dressed up. That's when Kristin told me we were going to an awards ceremony at a place called The National Press Club.

WOW! Kristin says their radio program Security Check won another award and they were going to the dinner to pick up the award.

There were LOTS of people at the award dinner. And I was really surprised but I even knew someone in the room! It was my friend Michael from the Chicago Tribune. Michael is one of Kristin's journalist friends from our trip to Egypt. How cool is that?!

The dinner was very nice and Keith and Kristin talked to lots of people who looked very important. Here you can see me with Kristin and the award.

Outside of the room where we had dinner, there is a wall FULL of award plaques. Because Keith and Kristin's radio program won an award, the foundation is now listed on the broadcast plaque for an award called "The Edwin M. Hood Award for Diplomatic Correspondence." Whew! That's a really long name for an award!

I don't recognize any of the people who are also listed on the plaque but Keith told me they are all very famous journalists. I think it is awesome that the foundation is listed on a plaque with famous journalists (even if I don't know who they are), don't you?

After the dinner, Keith and Kristin decided to take me to the White House. It is only a few blocks from the National Press Club. I was SO excited. Do you remember Kristin and Keith took me to see the White House earlier this year? And, do you remember know who lives in the White House? (Hint...it's the President of the United States).

The White House was dark but Kristin managed to take a picture of me. How cool! Now I have a photo in front of the White House during the day AND at night.

I need to get going now. Keith and Kristin are headed to the airport. We are flying to Chicago today and then headed back to Muscatine. But, Kristin tells me she has a big surprise for me when we get to Chicago. I wonder what it is? I can't wait to find out.

Until next time.....