Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kristin Goes Back to High School

Hi everyone!

Guess what? Kristin went back to high school this week. Can you believe it?! OK...Kristin didn't go back to take classes! She visited her old high school this week. Kristin was a student at Klein High School in Klein, Texas for a few years before her family moved to Iowa.

Kristin went back to Klein to visit her favorite teacher, Mrs. Crowe. Mrs. Crowe is very nice.

Kristin told me that she was in Mrs. Crowe's first junior high speech class 20 years ago. Wow...that sure is a LONG time ago! Mrs. Crowe now teaches speech classes at Klein High School. Mrs. Crowe likes to have Kristin talk to students about her radio career. I think it is pretty cool that Kristin went back to her old high school to talk to students. Don't you? Here I am with Kristin and Mrs. Crowe.

Kristin talked to SIX classes. Kristin even introduced me to some of Mrs. Crowe's students. The students were very nice to me. They were also very interested in Kristin's job and the many places around the world she has visited.

Right after we left the high school, Kristin showed me the house she used to live in.

I can tell Kristin really liked living here in Texas. Maybe some day she will get to move back to Houston. That's all for now. Kristin says our "vacation" will end tomorrow. :(

Until next time.....