Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts!

Hi everyone. I hope all is well in Iowa.

I am still enjoying my "vacation" in Houston with Kristin and her Mom.

As I told you in an earlier message, Kristin and her Mom are here for a quilt convention. The convention is known as the International Quilt Festival. I thought this would be like the radio convention I attended with Kristin and my friend Keith. There were about 500 people at the radio conference in Philadelphia.

But this convention is HUGE! There are more than 50,000 people who like quilts here in Houston this week. WOW! Who knew that many people like quilts.

Kristin and her Mom have been taking classes to learn how to make quilts this week. I think this is really boring. Who wants to go to "class" when they are on vacation? I think Kristin knew I would be bored during her quilting classes so she kindly bought me a few books about Texas. Now I can learn more about the Lone Star State. Thanks Kristin!

While I was reading, Kristin and her mom made what they call "quilt blocks." I'm not sure why they are called blocks. They sure don't look like a block of houses in a city.

When class was over, Kristin and her Mom took me to a place at the convention where LOTS of businesses sell quilting items. I really wasn't very interested in looking at fabric and other "girlie" things. But guess what? We did see someone from Muscatine! Here I am with my new friend Sabrina. She is very nice. Sabrina and her friend Kathy own The Cotton Shop in downtown Muscatine.

I think it is cool that I saw somebody from Muscatine here in Houston. I must remember to tell Aunt Lynn because Sabrina told me she knows Aunt Lynn.

Until next time....