Monday, August 21, 2006

Surprise Weekend in Minnesota

Hi everyone!

I wanted to write to tell you that I have added another state to the list of places I have visited in the past year.

Last week my friend Kristin asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend in Minnesota at her sister's house. Of course I said yes!

Kristin's sister's name is Sarah. She is very nice. Sarah lives in Rogers, Minnesota. See if you can find it on the map (hint it is near Minneapolis). Here I am with Sarah.

Kristin was visiting Sarah to celebrate Sarah's birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah!

Kristin drove to Sarah's house. It is a LONG trip (six hours by car!). So, I had lots of time to view my surroundings. I noticed that Kristin didn't pack a big birthday gift. It turns out that Kristin's gift for Sarah was a ticket to a Dixie Chicks concert.

The concert was on Friday night and Kristin asked me if I wanted to go. I've heard of the Dixie Chicks. I know it is a girl band and I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend an entire night listening to girls sing! So, I stayed at Sarah's house with Sarah's husband. His name is Joel. He is really COOL (and nice too!).

Guess what? Joel has an air hockey game in his basement! Can you believe that? Here I am playing air hockey with Joel.

Joel also has a HUGE TV and lots of video games. Here we are playing video tennis.

On Saturday, Joel had a birthday party for Sarah. Lots of people came and there was TONS of food to eat. It was really fun. I got to play more video games and watch baseball, football, and NASCAR on TV. I also got to play a game called "bocce ball." It is kind of like bowling on grass without the bowling pins. I didn't really understand the rules but it sure was fun!

Did I mention that it takes SIX hours to get to Sarah's house? So Kristin kindly bought me a stuffed toy to play with on the long drive home. Here I am with my new friend, Wolf.

Thanks Kristin for taking me on another great trip. And, thanks to Sarah and Joel for letting me play at their house all weekend.

Until my next adventure.....