Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Greetings from Shanghai, China!

Hi everyone! I am writing to you from Shanghai, China. See if you can find it on the map. The flight here was really bumpy at times and it seemed to take FOREVER to get here. I keep forgetting that I have to be patient when I travel. Being patient is SO hard...especially when the plane ride was over 12 hours long! I have traveled to Asia enough now to know that I need to sleep a lot on the plane to help with that jet-lag stuff, so I slept most of the flight.

Since I've already been to China, I thought I knew what to expect when we got off the plane, but I was a bit surprised. Shanghai is a very modern city with lots of skyscrapers, bright lights, and fancy stores. It reminds me of Seoul, South Korea.

BUT, I haven't really been able to see much of Shanghai because it is VERY foggy here. Here's a view of the city from Kristin's hotel room.

Can't see much, can you? Kristin says I should see lots of skyscrapers but the fog is hiding them.

We are staying at the Le Meridien not far from the Huangpu River that runs through Shanghai. The hotel is VERY nice. Much nicer than I expected. Kristin told me her budget is very tight and she had to work really hard to get rooms in this hotel within her budget. I am glad that she did because she got a really cool corner room with windows on two sides. Here's what Kristin's room looks like.

I visited Amy's room right after she checked in and her room isn't as big (and it doesn't have windows on both sides). Kristin says she booked the same kind of room for both her and Amy, so she thinks her extra nice room is another one of her travel rewards. Cool!

Anyway, Kristin warned me I was going to have that jet-lag stuff when we got here and she was right! I am really tired so I am going to bed now.

More later....bye for now.