Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Newest Fan

Hi everyone. I want to introduce you to my newest friends.

This is Aseem and his daughter Kriti. They live in Noida, just outside of Delhi, India.

Aseem and his wife, Ekta, helped Kristin and Amy while we were visiting India. Kristin and Amy met Aseem because he is friends with a man named Ammit. Amit works with Kristin's husband, Eugene in Muscatine. How cool is that?! When Amit heard that Kristin was going to India, he called his friend Aseem to see if he could help her. And Kristin says Aseem and Etka were a big help. They found us our car and driver and they gave Kristin and Amy tips of places to see and visit while in India.

On one of our last nights in India, Aseem and Ekta invited us to their house for dinner. That's when I got to meet Kriti. She is REALLY nice. Actually....everyone in Aseem's house is really nice!

Here I am with Kriti and Ekta.

Kriti liked me SO much that Aseem asked Kristin to send him a photo of me so Kriti could have my picture. How cool is that?!

During our visit we ate lots of great Indian food. We also got to meet Aseem's mom and dad. Here's a photo of Kristin and Amy with Aseem, Ekta, and Kriti.

And this is a photo of Aseem, Ekta, Kriti, and Aseem's parents.

I think it is really nice that Aseem's family invited us over to their house while we were in India. I am really glad they were able to help Kristin and Amy. BIG THANKS! Kristin says I also need to thank Eugene's friend Amit. THANKS AMIT!

This is my final post from my big India adventure. I hope you had fun reading about my trip.

Until my next adventure...bye!