Friday, May 30, 2008

Delayed in LA

Hi folks....I was supposed to be back in Iowa with you by now. But I am delayed here in Los Angeles.

Kristin told me earlier this week that we might have to stay longer. That's because it was taking longer to make the radio program than she originally thought. Well she was right, it did take longer. One whole day longer to make the show. But here's the good news. It is Friday night and "Brazil Rising" is DONE! Yay! Here I am with the "master CD" (that's the first CD made of the program).

Don't tell Kristin, but I was happy to be delayed another day here in LA. I LOVE riding around in my special spot in the convertible (even if it is just to Rima's house and back to the hotel). Plus, it gave me more time to play with Willa. Guess what? I got her to sit, lay down, and roll over for me! Don't believe me?

Here's Willa right after I told her to "sit."

Here's Willa right after I told her to lie "down."

And here's Willa when I told her to "roll over."

How cool is that?! The best part is that I got to give Willa a treat after she did her tricks for me. Here I am with her treat jar.

It took a lot of practice.....but it was awesome when I finally got Willa to do her tricks for me. See how few treats there are in the jar. :) Actually, I had to have Kristin help me give Willa her treats. I was afraid Willa might eat me otherwise since I am so small!

Rima must really like me. Can you tell why?

Look closer by Rima's computer monitors. It's my business card! :)

Late this afternoon, while Rima's computer was transferring files to Kristin's computer drive, Kristin and Rima took me to the See's candy factory. YUM!

Rima says See's is famous here in California. I had no idea! The factory wasn't giving tours. :( But I did get to pick out a box for Aunt Lynn. I sure hope she shares some with me.

Kristin says I need to pack my things now. Our flight leaves at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Man...that's early! But I guess that means I will be home early tomorrow. See you soon.

Bye for now!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Surprise Saturday Night in LA

Hi everyone. I bet you think I got lost here in Los Angeles. Nope. I didn't get lost. Kristin has been very busy working on the radio program. And I've been very busy playing with my pal Willa, watching Kristin and Rima "mix" the radio program, and enjoying my special spot in the back seat of Kristin's convertible.

I forgot how much time and effort it takes to make a radio program. This week Kristin and Rima finally finished the first minute of the program. Whew! I know from my previous trips with Kristin that the program is nearly 54 getting the first minute done is important. Actually, the first minute is called the "billboard" and Kristin is supposed to spend a lot of time on it. She says if people don't like the "billboard," they might not want to listen to the full show.

Don't worry....Kristin and Rima have come up with the first "draft" of most of the radio program. The first draft is kind of like the first draft of a paper I write for school. I always have to go back and improve my first draft. Kristin and Rima are now working on making their first draft better.

Kristin told me if I was really good this week she would take me out on a special adventure on Saturday night. Well I must have been REALLY good, because Kristin told me to get my things ready late Saturday afternoon so we could go pick up Rima. Kristin also told me to bring my Cardinals shirt and hat because it might get cold. Hmmm...I wonder where we could be going??!!

Kristin picked up Rima and then she drove to one of the freeways. For those of you who follow this blog, you know Kristin doesn't like to drive the freeways in Los Angeles. I knew right then we were going somewhere very special. :)

Kristin exited at a place called "Dodger Stadium." I've never been to Dodger Stadium and I asked Kristin what it was. She told me that's where the Los Angeles Dodgers play baseball. Cool! We were going to a baseball game. I love baseball!

It was kind of chilly outside, so I was glad I wore my Cardinals jersey and hat. But as we were walking into the stadium, I saw lots of other people wearing Cardinals shirts. Hmmm....I think Kristin forgot to tell me something. So I asked her who the Dodgers were playing. That's when she smiled and said they were playing the Cardinals. How awesome is that?! The Cardinals are in town and I get to see them here in Los Angeles! This is an awesome surprise!

Here you can see me with Rima's ticket.

Our seats were in the "loge" section (one level up from field level) on the first base side, near the right field foul pole. They were really good seats! Here you can see me with Kristin. Right field is behind us.

And here I am with right field behind me.

Kristin says Los Angeles has not always been home to the Dodgers baseball team. She says the team moved here from Brooklyn, New York in 1958. Who knew? That means the Dodgers are celebrating 50 years here in Los Angeles. Interesting.

We were some of the first people in the ballpark. I like getting to the park early. That way I get to watch the players practice before the game. Here you can see some of the Cardinals players at batting practice.

Here you can see starting pitcher Kyle Lohse warming up in right field with catcher Yadi Molina. Kristin reminded me that Molina was catcher the night I saw the Cardinals win the World Series in 2006. Awesome!

There was still plenty of time before the game started after practice was over. So I spent time looking at the ballpark. It is very interesting. Kristin says Dodger Stadium opened in 1962. I had no idea! It is not like any other baseball park I have ever seen. Here's a photo of most of the field.

And here are a few photos that show why this park is different. I've never seen a baseball park with a view of palm trees.

There is also this very interesting sign on the hill behind center field. It says "think blue." Kristin says it is supposed to be like the famous "Hollywood" sign. OK...I am going to have to trust her on that.

Here's a really cool photo that Kristin took of the big California state flag in the outfield.

Just before the game started, several former Dodger players from the 1960s came out onto the field with kids for some celebration. I wasn't really paying attention to what the special celebration was, but Kristin pointed out that someone named Steve Garvey was standing on first base. Kristin says he is a really famous baseball player. I've never heard of him, have you?

FINALLY, the game started. I was super excited to be sitting where we were because we got to see Kristin's current favorite Cardinals player, Albert Pujols, play first base (he's wearing jersey #5 if you don't already know who he is).

Kristin likes Albert Pujols because he reminds her of Mark McGwire. I know Mark McGwire is one of Kristin's favorite all-time favorite Cardinals players. Her last bunny was named after Mark McGwire.

I was so excited when Albert Pujols came up to bat that I wanted my picture taken with the playing field in the background. Here it is. Trust me, Pujols is at the plate.

Don't believe me? Here's a close-up.

And here you can see Pujols swinging at the ball. Look carefully and you will see him swinging his bat AND the streak of the ball.

Is that a cool photo or what?!

Albert Pujols hit a double and helped some people score. The next batter, Rick Ankiel, also hit a double and more people scored. It was very exciting. And in the end, the Cardinals won the game 4-0!

I'm sure the Cardinals won because I wore my jersey (the same one I wore to the winning game of the World Series!). Here I am celebrating the win with my friend Rima.

Before we left the ballpark, Kristin bought me a baseball with a picture of Dodger Stadium on it so I can add it to my collection of baseball stuff. She also let me pick out two more baseballs for my sister and brother. Thanks Kristin!

Well that's the story of my exciting (and surprising) Saturday night in Los Angeles. Kristin is going to need her computer soon. Don't worry if you don't hear from me again for several days. It just means Kristin is super busy. I'll be fine. I will be with my pal Willa!

Hope all is well with you. Until next time....bye for now.