Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from The Woodlands, Texas!

Hi everyone! We have arrived at our final destination, The Woodlands!

This is where Kristin's parents are going to live now. They are very excited. Yesterday they drove me and Kristin around the area where they are going to live. It is very nice. Kristin says The Woodlands is a "planned community." That means shopping areas can only be in certain places within the city. Who knew?

Kristin's parents don't officially move into their new house until next week. So I only got to see the outside. Here it is:

It sure looks nice, doesn't it? Kristin says if I am lucky I will get to come back later this year and see the inside. I promised Kristin I would be VERY good. I love Texas and I want to come back.

So this marks the end of my latest adventure to Texas. Kristin and I are flying back to Iowa today (yes...I got to go through the x-ray scanner again. I LOVE going through the scanner!).

Until next time....bye!