Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Adventure Begins Tomorrow!

Greetings! It is WAY past my bedtime but Kristin is still busy packing for our trip. We leave tomorrow (December 8). We are driving to Chicago and then we will board a plane for London, England. Once we arrive in London we will get on another plane and fly to Munich, Germany. There we will get on another plane to reach our final destination: Doha, Qatar. See if you can find Qatar on the map.

Below you will see I helped Kristin pack the radio equipment case.

I had NO idea how much equipment is needed to make a good radio program. Keith and Kristin's equipment case includes microphones, microphone cords, audio recorders, headphones and tons of batteries (Kristin and Keith like to be extra prepared). The radio case is REALLY heavy. It is even heavier than Kristin's clothing suitcase! Kristin and Keith are also bringing a computer and camera (to take pictures of me!).

I have a "seat" in Kristin's trip notebook. But if I am really good, Kristin and Keith will bring me along to some of their meetings.

I am really excited but I had better get some sleep. Kristin says it will take almost 2 days to reach Doha so I have a long trip ahead of me. Bye for now!