Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crossing the Potomac

Hi everyone!

I have had another exciting day here in Washington. Today, Keith and Kristin attended a conference in nearby Virginia. I am so excited because now I can cross Virginia off the list of states I have not visited!

To get to Virginia, we had to cross over the Potomac River. The river is not as wide as the Mississippi River is in Muscatine but it was still neat to see it from the bridge. Before crossing the river, I was able to see the US Capital (the real one...not the photo). Just after crossing the river we drove by the Pentagon. This is where the US Department of Defense is located. Do you know why the building is called the Pentagon? Kristin says a pentagon is a shape just like a square or a circle. A square has four sides and a pentagon has five sides. The Pentagon is a HUGE office building and it is built in the shape of a pentagon. Very cool! Keith says at one time it was the largest office building in the world. I had no idea!

Kristin was worried I would be bored at the conference so she bought me a cool teddy bear, a coloring book, and a map of Washington DC to keep me busy. The bear has an American flag and the White House stitched on it. The coloring book includes pictures and stories about many of the famous landmarks in Washington. It is very neat. I read the entire book but I decided to wait until I was back home with Michael before coloring in it. Here I am at the meeting reading my new book.

After the meeting, we returned to the hotel and then we went out for dinner. Guess what? I got to ride the Metro again. I love the Metro. It goes SO fast through the tunnels.

Tonight we actually went back to Virginia to a place where Keith and Kristin like to eat. One of the Metro stops is at the Pentagon! I haven't been inside of the Pentagon but I have been UNDER it! Also, there are parts of the Metro that are above ground. So I was able to see the edge of Arlington National Cemetery.

I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel so Kristin tucked me into bed with my new bear. I have not named him yet so maybe you can help me come up with a name when I get home.

Until next time....