Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Greetings from Moline

Hi everyone!

I am sitting with Keith and Kristin at the airport in Moline waiting for our first flight. Guess what? I got to go through the x-ray machine again! This time I was in Kristin's purse. I asked Kristin why her bags go through an x-ray machine at the airport. She told me all passenger luggage is checked to make sure nothing bad is in someone's bag. She says this is hopefully making it safer for us to travel.

I had forgotten that traveling requires a great deal of patience. So I am using my time to help Keith check his e-mail. He has a really cool machine called a BlackBerry. It looks like a GameBoy but his has more than games. It also includes a phone AND he can see all of his e-mail. It is very neat. It makes a small noise when new e-mail arrives.

Keith didn't take this on our last trip. He says that's because it doesn't work overseas. Kristin says I will see the BlackBerry a lot on this trip.

That's all for now. Our plane is about to arrive. I'll check in once I get to Washington.

Until next time.....