Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Greetings from New York City!

WOW! I was really surprised today when I got off the airplane today. I am in New York City! Kristin says “The Big Apple” is a nickname for New York City! See if you can find New York City on the map.

I can’t say I’ve seen any apples here so far but New York City is REALLY cool.

We arrived here by taking a plane from Moline to Chicago and then another plane to New York’s LaGuardia International Airport. Kristin and I left her house before 5AM! I was so tired that I slept the entire way. So you can imagine my surprise when Kristin finally told me that we were in New York.

Kristin says New York City is divided into 5 “Boroughs” or regions. They are called Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. We are staying in Manhattan.

We had to take a cab to the hotel and I immediately noticed that ALL of the cabs in New York are yellow. Some are cars, some are mini-vans, and some are SUVs but they are all yellow. I found this very odd. The cabs in Washington DC were many different colors. Kristin says the city government here says all cabs have to be yellow. This is why all of the cabs look the same. And, Kristin says New York taxicabs are very famous. Here you can see me as I study the map of Manhattan during our cab ride to the hotel.

I now understand why Kristin said Dubai reminded her of New York City. There are TONS of VERY tall buildings and skyscrapers. But here the buildings are much closer together. The traffic here, however, is even slower than the traffic in Dubai. I’m glad I packed my walking shoes!

We are staying at the Hilton-Times Square. The hotel is very nice. Kristin’s room is much larger than the one she had in Washington DC and she has what the clerk at the front desk calls a “city view.” I don’t really understand what that means but I can see many tall buildings from Kristin’s window. I can also see the Hudson River from her room.

Kristin says the building behind me in this picture with the clock on it is home to the New York Times newspaper. Keith says it is a very famous newspaper.

Keith and Kristin have spent all afternoon working on the computer and making tons of phone calls. Kristin says they are trying to finish the script for their radio program. Do you remember what a script is? I first learned about it in Doha.

It is starting to get dark here now. I think we are going to dinner soon. I will check back in when I can.

Until next time.