Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home Again!

Hi everyone. I am once again home in Iowa.

I am sad that I had to leave New York City. There are SO many things I didn't get to see. Hopefully I will get to visit NYC again.

Before we left the hotel this morning, I asked Kristin to take my picture with a sculpture near the entrance. There were many of these figures throughout the hotel. Kristin says they remind her of the game Monopoly. I just think they are neat!

When we arrived at the airport, LaGuardia, we waited in the business lounge before boarding our flight. Keith and Kristin saw someone they knew from Muscatine and visited with him for awhile. While they were talking, I watched planes take off and land. One of the runways at this airport is VERY close to the gates where they park the planes. It is so cool to see planes land and take off. They go very fast down the runway!

Then, just as we were about to board the plane, Keith and Kristin ran into someone else they know. Man, they sure seem to know a lot of people!

I was still tired from my adventure in NYC so I slept all the way home. But I did help Kristin unpack Geoffrey and my UN bear when we got back to her house.

Once again I want to thank my friends Keith and Kristin for taking me to another exciting place!

Goodbye until my next adventure......