Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm Off to See The President

OK...I may not actually SEE the President of the United States but I am headed to Washington, DC for my next adventure!

My good friends Keith and Kristin are headed there to continue work on the radio program they started during our last trip. Since I traveled with them to the Middle East, they asked if I wanted to tag along on this trip. I said YES right away!

I am very excited. I have never been to Washington, DC. Did you know that it is the capital of the United States? Did you also know the president lives there in a big white house? (I had no idea. Kristin told me).

Kristin tells me it will be a very short trip. We leave tomorrow from Moline and return on Saturday. Tonight I have been helping Kristin pack her computer.

I am sure this will be an exciting trip. I'll keep you posted when I can. Bye for now...