Friday, March 03, 2006

Flat Stanley and My Trip to City Hall

Hi everyone!

I have just spent a very special day here in Muscatine. It started with a surprise visit from my friend Flat Stanley. Guess what? He is flat just like me!

Flat Stanley is visiting from Merritt Island, Florida. His Grandmother Lora is friends with my Aunt Lynn.

Flat Stanley tells me that sometimes his hometown gets hit by hurricanes. I’ve never experienced a hurricane before but Flat Stanley tells me they are very bad and very scary storms. He’s even had to leave his house to get out of the way of the storm. My friend Flat Stanley also lives near Cape Canaveral. Do you know that’s where the Space Shuttle launches from? I think it would be SO cool to live so close to where the Space Shuttle takes off, don’t you?

Aunt Lynn took me and my new friend to City Hall where she works to meet Muscatine Mayor Richard O’Brien. Aunt Lynn says Mayor O’Brien is VERY important. So it was a special treat that Flat Stanley and I got to sit in Mayor O’Brien’s big office chair.

Mayor O’Brien then invited us to a meeting of the Muscatine City Council. The council members are elected officials that make decisions about how to make the city of Muscatine run from day-to-day. I think you must have to be very smart to be the mayor or on the city council.

The council members were kind enough to have their picture taken with me and Flat Stanley. Mayor O’Brien is holding us in the center of this photo.

Aunt Lynn tells me that city council meetings can sometimes be very long. So I am glad that we had our picture taken just before the meeting started because Stanley and I were starting to get very sleepy from our big day at City Hall.

I want to thank Aunt Lynn for taking us to City Hall. And, I want to say special thanks to my new friend Flat Stanley. I hope he has enjoyed his trip to Muscatine.

Bye for now....