Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Greetings Again from The Big Apple!

Hi everyone! Greetings again from New York City.

Today I am here with Kristin and her friend Amy. Amy is the production manager and creative director for the Stanley Foundation. Amy is very nice.

Amy and her staff help Kristin and Keith create the CD folders and other printed items for their radio program. Remember me standing with the Security Check and 24/7 CD folders at Rima's house in Los Angeles? Amy and her staff created those.

Kristin picked up Amy before 7am this morning and we drove to Moline to catch a flight to Chicago. Boy...I have been to O'Hare airport so many times with Kristin that I think I could find my way around without any help now!

We had to wait a bit before boarding our next flight to New York. Here you can see me helping Amy work on her laptop while we wait for our New York flight.

I am SO excited to be back here in NYC. We are staying at a different hotel this time, the Hilton Garden Inn Times Square. It isn't far from the last hotel I stayed at here in New York and it is one block away from central Times Square. So cool!

Here's the view of the New York skyline from Kristin's room.

Tonight, Kristin and Amy had some spare time so they decided to walk to a place called Macy's. Kristin says it is a very famous department store here in NYC. The store we visited today is the original Macy's location and Kristin says at one time it was one of the largest department stores in the world!

I normally don't like shopping....that's something for girls to do. But, as we got closer I thought I recognized the store. Kristin says I may have seen it on TV. Kristin says Macy's sponsors a HUGE parade on Thanksgiving day and the store is in the background. The parade doesn't have floats like the Great River Days parade in Muscatine. Instead it has GIGANTIC balloons of cartoon characters. I think I have actually seen this on TV but I am definitely going to look for the parade next Thanksgiving day.

Kristin and Amy walked through the store looking at "girl" things like purses, shoes, jewelry, and make-up. But then we took an escalator to the basement. Guess what? The escalators are made out of wood! I have never seen wooden escalators before. Kristin says they are some of the original store escalators. I had no idea!

The basement...or "cellar" as it is called at Macy's had a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Remember on my last trip here that Kristin bought me a Geoffrey from Toys R' Us dressed like the Statue of Liberty? Well, here's a model of the real thing. Can you see me in this photo? (Hint...I am near the tablet).

Kristin said I had to have something from Macy's so she bought me a "Macy's" bear dressed like the Statue of Liberty. I think this is great. It will look very neat next to my Statue of Liberty Geoffrey that I got last time I was here. Kristin also bought me a small stuffed yellow cab. I am SO excited about this. I really like riding in the yellow cabs and now I have something to remind me of them after we leave New York.

It was dark when we left Macy's and started walking back toward Times Square. As soon as we walked outside I noticed a VERY tall building off in the distance. The top was colored with cool yellow lights. The yellow reminds me of the yellow cabs we driving all around NYC. Do you recognize this building?

Kristin says this is the Empire State Building. is REALLY tall and very cool at night. Then Kristin reminded me that I actually "climbed" the lego replica of the same building at Toys R' Us the last time I was here. Someday I think I want to visit the top of the Empire State Building. Kristin says she has been to the top observation deck and she tells me it is pretty neat.

Amy and Kristin stopped for dinner and then we walked through Times Square. I really like walking through Times Square at night. The lights are so cool and exciting. I always seem to spot something new every time I am in Times Square.

Our big night out must have made me very tired because I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel. So, Kristin kindly tucked me into bed with my new bear and cab.

I know Kristin and Amy have lots of work to do tomorrow but I'm still not sure what. I guess I will learn more about that tomorrow.

Until next time....