Sunday, March 05, 2006

Greetings from Los Angeles!

I everyone. I am now in sunny Los Angeles, California. But I must tell you I had yet another adventure getting here!

The weather in Muscatine this morning was very bad. It was snowing, raining, and raining small ice pellets when we left Kristin's house at 6:30AM. Kristin's husband, Eugene, drove us to the airport in Moline. It was a VERY scary ride. Kristin's SUV was slipping and sliding all over the road at one point. Eugene told me it was the worst weather he has driven in in a long time.

But Eugene got us to the airport safely and on time! Thanks Eugene for getting us to the airport safely! Eugene even stopped to have breakfast with us before our plane left for Chicago.

We had a very long wait at the airport once we reached Chicago. Kristin was worried that I would be bored waiting for our flight to Los Angeles so she kindly bought me a stuffed version of a United Airlines plane. It is really cool! When you squeeze it, it makes the sound a plane does when it takes off. And it really sounds like that in real life!

So I played with my plane as we waited in the same business lounge we waited in with Keith when we went on our Doha trip. I have decided to name my plane Ted. I saw some planes today with the name "Ted" on them. Kristin says that Ted is part of United. So I think it is a perfect name for my new plane.

I also got to spend time watching airplanes land and take-off and the workers move luggage and cargo while waiting in the lounge. I LOVE watching the planes. When I grow up I think I might want to learn how to fly an airplane.

I was in for a big treat when I got on our flight for Los Angeles. Kristin's seat was in FIRST CLASS. Kristin says it is a special part of the plane that costs lots more money. But, she got her seat for FREE! Kristin's seat was much bigger and softer than the seats she normally sits in. Here you can see me in her big seat.

In First Class, we also got a hot lunch and they even baked warm cookies for us! Kristin and Keith have never gotten anything special like that when I've been on trips with them before. So I had to ask Kristin how she got her cool seat for free. It turns out that Kristin is a member of a special club for people who fly a lot (and she sure spends lots of time on airplanes). Kristin says she earns "miles" and "awards" every time she flies. She says this is similar to the allowance I earn every week for cleaning my room and doing chores. Kristin says she can "spend" her miles to upgrade her seat to First Class. She says she can't always do this because sometimes award seats are not available. I'm glad it was available today. I had a very nice time in First Class.

It was snowing and cold when we left Chicago but it is sunny and warm here in Los Angeles. Once we arrived at the airport, Kristin picked up her luggage and then we boarded a bus similar to the ones in Muscatine. It took us to a place called Budget Rental Cars. Normally when I arrive at an airport with Kristin, someone picks us up or we take a cab to the hotel. But Kristin says it is easier and cheaper to rent a car here since we will be here for two weeks.

As luck would have it...our hotel, Embassy Suites, is located right next to the rental car place. Our room is very nice. It has a separate living room and TWO televisions. It also has a microwave and a small refrigerator (although it is not filled with food and drinks like at the hotels in New York and Washington). Kristin says not to worry. She will take us to a grocery store when we are out tomorrow.

Throughout the day I kept hearing people talk about a guy named Oscar. I had NO idea who this Oscar person was but everywhere we were today, people were talking about him. Finally I asked Kristin, "Who is this Oscar person?" It turns out that "Oscar" is a major award for the movie industry. Kristin says the Oscar itself is like a one I would win in sports. Except she says Oscar is worth a LOT of money.

Guess what? TONIGHT is Oscar night here in Los Angeles. That's because Kristin says the American movie industry is based here in the Los Angeles area. I had no idea! Now I know why everyone was talking about the Oscars.

Kristin says many movie stars are in Los Angeles tonight for the awards ceremony. She says they dress up in special suits and big formal dresses and they arrive at the ceremony by walking down a red carpet. I wanted to go see the red carpet but Kristin said there would be way too many people and she is tired. But, I did get to see the Oscars on TV tonight. And I think Kristin was right. It was just fine to watch the Oscars on TV.

Well that's all for now. I am really tired and I need to get to bed. Kristin says we have a lot of work to do beginning tomorrow.

So until next time....