Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hollywood...Here I Come!

Hi everyone. I had a very exciting time with Kristin today.

Since it is the weekend, Kristin says we have a few spare hours to explore LA. So today she took me to Hollywood Boulevard. Can you see the street sign behind me in this picture?

I've heard of Hollywood. Kristin says that's because Hollywood is where movies were made many years ago (long before I was born). I guess they still make movies here in the LA area but not as many as they used to.

Anyway...Hollywood Boulevard is the center of activity in Hollywood. It is really cool. All along the sidewalk on both sides of the street there are tons of reddish starts with the names of very famous people on them. This is known as the Walk of Fame. It is really cool!

I saw the stars of many people I recognize and many more that I don't. It is very busy on the sidewalk. Lots of people were crowding around the stars but Kristin was able to get my photo with a few of the stars of famous people or cartoon characters.

Mickey Mouse

Kermit the Frog

Big Bird

Donald Duck

The Simpsons

And Kristin's favorite....Bugs Bunny!

We also walked past the famous Chinese Theatre and the Kodak Theatre. Guess what? The Oscars award ceremony Kristin and I watched on TV last weekend took place and the Kodak Theatre. How cool is that?! This is the Kodak Theatre.

And this is me near the entrance of the Chinese Theatre.

Kristin says it could take us days to look at all of the stars on Hollywood Boulevard so we just walked a few blocks. Then we stopped at a store and Kristin bought me a stuffed black bear with the word "Hollywood" stitched on it and a map of the area so I can learn even more about Hollywood.

I don't need any help naming my new bear. I have decided to call him Oscar. I think that is a good name since he came from the home of the Oscars...Hollywood!

After we left Hollywood Kristin said we had to stop at a beauty salon. I wasn't so sure I wanted to sit and watch Kristin get her hair fixed. Kristin must have seen the look on my face because she immediately told me not to worry. We were just stopping to buy a special hair product at a place called Jonathan. Kristin told me Jonathan is a very famous TV personality and he fixes hair for movie and TV stars! I guess he has his own TV show on a channel called Bravo. I've never seen it but Kristin says she has. He owns two "salons"...or hair shops here in the LA area.

We didn't see Jonathan at the salon we visited but Kristin bought two jars of something called "dirt." I thought this was really cool. I had no idea Kristin liked to play with dirt!

But it turns out the dirt she bought is white and smells like something a girl would wear! It is NOT the dirt I like to play in outside. Instead it is something she puts in her hair. Yuck!

We got very lucky when we arrived near Jonathan's salon. There was a parking spot right across the street. It had a really cool parking meter. It didn't look anything like the ones we have in Muscatine. It was electronic. I must tell Aunt Lynn about this! Plus, it cost 25-cents for 15 minutes! That is WAY more than it costs in Muscatine.

By the way....I'm not sure I have mentioned that the traffic here is really bad. Kristin calls it "crazy" and says it reminds her of driving in Houston, Texas. I've never been to Houston but I do know that it takes a very long time to get anywhere here! Everywhere Kristin drives there seems to be a long line of cars on both sides of the road. I can tell the traffic bothers Kristin. I asked her why. She told me she had never driven in Los Angeles before this trip. Kristin says she learned how to drive in Houston and has driven in other big cities before but she doesn't like to drive in places she doesn't know.

Well I must tell you that Kristin has done a great job of driving. Rima let her borrow a big map of Los Angeles. The map is actually a book that is thicker than the Muscatine phone book. Between the map and the maps Kristin looks at on the computer, Kristin says she hasn't made a single wrong turn. Whew! I am SO glad she is driving. At least I know we won't get lost.

Our big day out made me very tired. I fell asleep in the car on the way back to the hotel. So, Kristin tucked me into bed with Oscar.

Until next time!