Friday, March 24, 2006

Home Again!

Hi everyone.

I had another great day in New York City before arriving back home in Iowa late tonight.

Kristin and Amy's flight wasn't scheduled to leave New York until 4:00pm so this gave them some extra time to explore more of the city today.

So they decided to take a yellow cab to a place called the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a HUGE museum. I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend the morning looking at old paintings and photos but Kristin promised me I would have fun.

Guess what, she was right! The museum is really COOL. It has many, many old paintings but Kristin says some of them are the most famous and most expensive in the entire world. I had no idea!

I could tell immediately that Kristin and Amy like different things. Amy likes bright colors and paintings that were located in a section called "Modern." Many of those paintings looked like something I could create in art class. Maybe I could be a famous artist someday!

Kristin, on the other hand, loved the rooms with European artists. These paintings are much older and are very, very famous. They also look like they were VERY hard to make. I can barely stay inside the lines of a coloring book!

Guess what? Some of the paintings I saw today were made more than 200 years ago! That is REALLY old!

Kristin says one of her favorite artists is Claude Monet. I learned today that he lived from 1840 until 1926. He painted in a style known as "Impressionism." I have no idea what that means but his paintings are very nice. Here you can see me with Kristin standing by a painting called, "Bridge Over a Pool of Water Lilies." It is very famous.

I noticed that many of the paintings by this man looked very similar. Kristin says that's because he made many paintings with images of water lilies. I learned water lilies are a special kind of flower that grow in water.

But my favorite part of the museum was the section that is all about Egypt. I know Aunt Lynn wants to travel to Egypt. Do you know where Egypt is? See if you can find it on the map.

Egypt is famous for very old pyramids and other large stone buildings called known as "temples." Kristin says they are thousands of years old and were built to honor rulers and other important people. Many times these important people would be wrapped in special cloth when they died. Do you know what they are called? They are mummies. I thought a mummy was a cartoon character or something I could dress up like on Halloween. I had no idea they were once REAL people. Very strange but also very interesting.

Here I am with Kristin standing near part of a REAL Egyptian temple that is INSIDE the museum. How cool is that? Can you see the drawings on the stones?

Before we left the museum, Kristin and Amy walked through the gift shop. Kristin bought me a book so I can learn even more about the museum and a postcard of the Monet painting I had my picture taken by. She also let me pick out a special gift for Aunt Lynn and my mom.

After we left the museum, Kristin and Amy had lunch at the hotel and then we took another yellow cab to the airport. Just as we were getting out of the car, Kristin's phone beeped. Kristin said it was a message telling her that our flight was delayed. I was hoping that didn't mean we would be stuck at the airport for a long time. But Kristin was able to get us onto an earlier flight and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

Here you can see me helping Kristin unpack my new stuffed bear and taxi.

I want to thank Kristin and her friend Amy for taking me along with them on their trip to New York City. I can see why Kristin says she likes to visit NYC. I want to go back again. There are so many things to see!

I can tell Kristin is very tired and I am starting to get very sleepy too. So I think I am going to head to bed now.

Until next time.....