Saturday, March 18, 2006

Home Again....But Keeping My "Bags" Packed!

Hi everyone....

Just a brief note to let you know I made it home safely from California late tonight. Kristin's husband picked us up at the airport in Moline. Our trip to Muscatine was MUCH better than when he drove us to the airport a few weeks ago.

Kristin got "lucky" again and was awarded another upgrade on our flight from Los Angeles to Chicago. I was really glad when she got her ticket today. We flew on a very big plane and her upgraded seat was in business class. It was very nice. Kristin says the plane we were on today is much newer than the plane where she had the first class seat. I could tell. Her seat today was even softer. Plus, Kristin even had her own TV screen. But, she didn't watch TV. I can tell she is very tired and I know she slept most of the flight.

I am also very tired. Making a radio program is hard work!

I want to thank Kristin (and Eugene for his safe driving). I also want to thank Kristin's friend Rima and her dog Willa for being so nice to me during my trip.

Oh....I almost forgot. Even though the radio program is now complete, Kristin still has several trips planned in the coming weeks. And she says I am welcome to tag along if I want to. How can I say no to that?

So....guess what? I'm headed back to the Big Apple! Kristin is flying to New York City on Wednesday to work on a different project. This one doesn't involve radio so I can't wait to see what other projects she gets to work on.

Until next time....