Monday, March 06, 2006

My New Friends Rima and Willa

Hi everyone!

Today was my first full day in Los Angeles. I am here because Kristin is still working on her radio program.

Today, I learned that she is working on the last part of the show ( sure seems like Kristin and Keith have to spend a lot of time and work making a radio program!).

Kristin says the final step in making a radio program is something called "the mix." This is where all of the many pieces of audio recorded for the program are put together to make one program. Kristin says it is like making cookies. She has to put all of the ingredients into the computer, "mix" them, and then the computer will play the final radio program. I'm still not sure I understand all of this but I expect I will learn more about "the mix" during my visit here.

Kristin is in Los Angeles because her friend Rima helps her with the mix. Kristin says Rima is a genius. That means Rima is REALLY smart at making a good radio program. Rima is very nice.

Rima has equipment similar to the equipment in Kristin's studio at the Stanley Foundation. But Rima's studio is located in her house. How convenient! Rima owns a business is called "Red Wagon Audio." Thus, Rima has many red wagons in her house. She also likes trolls. So here I am in one of Rima's wagons with one of her trolls.

Rima also has a great big dog named Willa. Willa is very nice too! I think she must really like Kristin because Willa jumps and barks every time Kristin walks into Rima's house. Kristin packed a special container of dog treats before we left Iowa and now I know why. She was bringing them for Willa!

Here I am with Rima and Willa. Willa is a bit camera shy but I had great fun playing with her today. I know Kristin thought I would be bored while she worked all day but between Willa and Ted (my plane) I am very happy.

I noticed today when I wasn't playing with Willa and Ted that Rima and Kristin were listening to the same sounds OVER AND OVER again. On the way back to the hotel I asked Kristin why. She says this is normal. She says she and Rima will listen to the same bits of audio dozens of times to make sure it is in the right spot in the program and to make sure it sounds OK. I thought it all sounded just fine but Kristin and Rima said they could hear "clicks" and other noises that must be fixed or the program won't sound good. Wow...they must have really good ears!

Kristin says the final radio program will be around 54 minutes long. Guess what? Today they finished what Kristin calls a "draft" version of the FIRST MINUTE of the show. Kristin has sent the draft to Keith and her friends Simon and David to listen to. She says they may want changes before she and Rima can finish the first minute of the show.

The first minute is called "the billboard." And given how long it takes to make the first minute of the show....I wonder if we will end up here longer than two weeks! Good thing I have Willa and Ted to keep me busy.

Until next time.....