Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Radio Program is Done!

Hi all...just a brief note to let you know the radio program is complete! This is great news. I can tell that Kristin is very happy.

Kristin and Rima finished the program at 2:30 this afternoon LA time. Here you can see me with the "master CD" as Kristin calls one of Rima's red wagons.

The "master copy is the first CD of the entire program. This is the same CD that Kristin will send to a place that will make many more copies. I think it is really cool that I am one of the first people to hear the full radio program. I don't understand all of the issues but it sounds very, very good. And, I can honestly say I was with Kristin and Keith through the entire process of making a radio program.

Kristin and I celebrated tonight with a trip to the hotel pool. It was really neat because we were the only people in the pool area and thus, we had the entire place to ourselves.

All of the swimming made me very tired so Kristin told me I could go to bed when I wanted. She is staying up late to pack for our trip back to Iowa. As long as the weather is good I will be back in Iowa on Saturday night.

That's all for now...I can barely keep my eyes open.

Until next time....