Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Update from LA

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to send you a short note to say that all is well here in LA. Kristin is still very busy with Rima trying to finish the radio program. So I have been free to play with Ted, Oscar, and Willa during the day. It is still cool here but the sun has been out during the day so I have been able to play outside.

I'm not sure exactly what's happening with the radio program but I do know that Kristin has been on the phone with Keith and her friend Simon in Washington many, many times in the past few days. Kristin says this is normal and I shouldn't worry.

I had no idea but Kristin tells me the radio program MUST be a very specific time....or "on time" as she calls it. She says this is like being on time for school everyday. If the program is over time...or will cause many problems. I know I don't want to be late for school or I will be in trouble so I don't want Kristin's program to be late too!

On Tuesday afternoon Kristin looked very happy and did a small, but strange dance at Rima's house. She calls it her "happy dance." She told me that she, Rima, Keith and Simon had finally gotten the program script "trimmed" to the correct time. I think this must be similar to making sure I cut along the lines when I am making a craft project.

Kristin says this is very good but she and Rima still have a great deal of work to do. Today they spent part of the day "polishing" parts of the program. To me, polish is something you put on a car to make it shiny. I was curious so I asked Kristin, "how do you polish a radio program?"

Kristin says what she and Rima are doing is similar to polishing a car. They are making sure the radio program is a shiny new car. Kristin says it will be Friday before she and Rima finish the program. REALLY takes a lot to make a good radio program.

I am really enjoying LA but Kristin told me she feels bad that she hasn't been able to spend more time with me. I keep telling her not to worry. But, tonight she gave me a new present. I guess when I wasn't looking at the airport in Chicago, Kristin bought me an entire set of metal planes, cars and other airport items.

This means I can now create my own airport and pretend like I am working just like the people I see working at real airports. This is SO cool!

I have decided that I am going to play "airport" here at the hotel at night while Kristin works on her computer. I will continue bring Ted and Oscar with me during the day when I play with Willa.

That's all for now. Until next time...