Sunday, May 14, 2006

Home Again!

Hi everyone. I wanted to send a brief note to let you know I am home from Egypt.

All is well but I am VERY tired. I am SO tired I haven't had time to help Kristin unpack (and she has LOTS to unpack)! But, I thought I would show you the last picture of me in Egypt. Here I am with Kristin and one of our guides, Shahira.

This photo was taken at our goodbye dinner. I am going to miss Egypt. It was such a great place. I learned many, many things and I met so many nice people. I hope I can go back and visit again someday.

I want to thank Kristin and Loren for taking me with them to Egypt. I also want to thank all of Kristin and Loren's journalist friends. They were all very nice. BIG THANKS!

Until my next adventure....goodbye!