Thursday, May 18, 2006

Photos, Photos and More Photos

Greetings again from Michigan. I am actually staying in Dearborn with Kristin. See if you can find Dearborn on the map.

Today was an exciting day. Keith, Kristin, and Amy spent all day working on the final details for the grand opening of the Stanley Foundation's photography project at the Arab American National Museum.

The event at the museum started at 5pm. So, I had to be ready to leave the hotel at 4pm SHARP! Two of the people who were part of Keith's "discussion" are staying at our hotel and they joined Keith, Kristin, and Amy for the drive to the museum. They are Ghida Fakhry and Antonin Kratochvil. I can't pronounce their names but they are VERY nice!

Ghida works for Al Jazeera...the television station I visited with Keith and Kristin in Doha, Qatar. But, Ghida doesn't work in Doha. She works in the Washington, DC office that I also visited with Keith and Kristin. How cool is that? I've been to TWO Al Jazeera studios.

Antonin is one of the people who took the pictures for the photography project Amy and Kristin have been working on. Here I am with Kristin and Antonin.

I really like the museum. It has LOTS of colorful tiles that look like painted pictures on the wall. There are also lots of displays for kids like me to explore. But one of my favorite exhibits is the model of the building that I've actually seen in real life! The building is called the "Burj Al Arab" and the real building is in Dubai. Here you can see me with the model.

If you go way down the page to my Dubai messages, you will see a photo of me and Kristin with the REAL building behind us. How cool is that? I've seen the REAL building!

Of course, the big attraction tonight is the room where BIG prints of the photographs that I helped Kristin and Amy pick out are hanging on the wall. OK...I didn't actually pick the photos but I was with Kristin and Amy in New York when they first saw the photos. Here I am with Kristin and some of the photos.

You might not be able to tell but in one of these photos, the girls are playing in snow. Did you know it snows sometimes in the Middle East? I had no idea! And do you recognize this picture? It is one of the places I saw in Luxor, Egypt. How COOL is that?!!

The museum has a gift shop and Kristin kindly let me pick out a toy to add to my collection. I chose a stuffed camel with the name of the museum on it. I LOVE camels and this one will be a good playmate for Oasis and Cairo. I think I am going to name this one "Media" because I've spent a lot of time learning about media on my adventures with Kristin and her friends.

I must have been very tired because I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel. So, Kristin kindly tucked me into bed with my new camel.

Until next time....