Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Hi everyone. I hope you are having a good Sunday.

I am having a great time here in Sedona. Kristin is working most of the time but I am definitely NOT bored. Kristin has let me attend Camp Coyote here at Enchantment Resort. This is the kids camp program I mentioned the other day. I've been swimming, hiking, putt-putt golfing, and listening to nighttime stories by the pool.

I really like swimming but I like the hiking even more... even though it is really HOT outside. I have to bring extra water and stop often to take a rest before walking father. It is really hard to walk up the hills around the resort! I sure am glad I brought my tennis shoes!!

I like hiking because I get to see lots of cool plants and animals. I have seen lots of birds, a few rabbits and even a huge deer (on the golf course!). I wish I had photos to show you but Kristin needs her camera for the conference and I didn't bring one.

But, my favorites are the little lizards that I see all over the resort. They run really, really fast. Plus, they are the color of sand so sometimes it is hard to see them. I did ask Kristin to take a picture of a lizard. This one was just outside of our room.

Today has been a bit more hectic than usual. There is a BIG fire very close to the resort. I don't know when it started but Kristin noticed it around 12:30PM when she was walking back from doing a radio interview.

Here's a photo Kristin took this morning near our room.

And here's one she took right after she noticed the fire started.

Pretty scary, don't you think? I've seen fires in the ditches along the roads near Muscatine but I have never seen anything like this!

Kristin says she doesn't know how the fire started and she hasn't seen any news about the fire on the internet. But, it is very HOT and very dry outside. Kristin says that the weather makes it even easier for a big fire to spread. I had no idea!

There are many airplanes flying over the fire area. Kristin says the planes are watching the fire so the people on the plane can help direct the firemen who are trying to put the fire out. I sure hope they get the fire out soon.

Kristin told me not to worry. I am going to try not to worry but I think I will sit outside and watch the fire for awhile just to make sure everything is OK.

I'll keep you posted. Goodbye for now!