Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Home from Miami!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to send a short note to let you know I arrived safely back in Iowa last night.

My trip home was uneventful. But, I did want to share two more photos with you from my visit in Miami.

I always look out the window when I wake up in the morning because I like the view from Kristin's room. This is what I saw yesterday when I woke up.

Can you see the rainbow? It was really COOL!

Just after I saw the rainbow, Kristin took me across the street to an outdoor mall. I didn't want to go shopping but Kristin told me we were going to see something interesting. I wasn't so sure I would see anything all that interesting at the mall. But Kristin was right again! The mall has several small ponds FULL of Koi. Koi are like super-size goldfish. Do you remember I saw Koi fish at the hotel in Dubai? Well the Koi at the mall in Miami were even BIGGER. Here I am near one of the Koi ponds.

I want to thank Kristin and her friend Sherif for taking me with them to Miami. I had a great time and I hope I get to visit Miami again some day.

Until my next adventure.....