Friday, August 04, 2006

My Visit to the Beach

Hi everyone! I have had another exciting day here in Miami.

During the day, Kristin and Sherif are busy with their computer class so I attend the Harbour kids club. I've been able to swim in the BIG swimming pool here at the hotel but until last night, I had not been swimming in the ocean.

So, Kristin and Sherif took me to the beach after they got back from class. I was SO excited when Kristin told me. The beach has LOTS of sand. I like walking in sand. It's squishy under my feet. Here you can see the beach near our hotel.

I was a little afraid to swim in the ocean because I thought the water was going to be very cold. But Kristin told me I would be surprised at how warm the water is. Guess what? She was right! The water is very warm. It's like the temperature of the water when I take a bath at home. Don't tell my mom...but I would like it MUCH better if I could take my bath in the ocean every night! Here you can see me getting my feet wet in the ocean!

I noticed when I was playing in the water that there was a lot of greenish-brown stuff in the water and on the beach. It looks like wet weeds. Kristin tells me it is actually called seaweed and she says it is very common to see seaweed on the beach. I had no idea!

After swimming for a bit, I decided to play in the sand and build a small castle. Here's my sand castle.

That's all for now. Until next time....