Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trains, Birds and Bears!

Hi everyone! I hope all is well in Iowa. It is gray and damp here in St. Louis.

I was SO tired last night when we got back from the ballpark that I forgot to tell you about the cool gift Kristin bought for me while we were waiting for the game (that never started!). She bought me a "Fredbird" from a place called "Build-A-Bear Workshop." Fredbird is the official mascot of the St. Louis Cardinals. I had no idea! At the store in the ballpark people can make their own Fredbird or they can buy one already made. Kristin decided to buy one that was already made since it was very crowded. THANKS KRISTIN!

My Fredbird is SO cool. He has cleats, a baseball and glove, a bat, and a special Cardinals pennant. He also has a World Series t-shirt on under his uniform (which says Fredbird on the back of it). Here I am with Fredbird.

When I woke up this morning, I was hoping Kristin would take me to the top of the Gateway Arch. But I looked out the window and still couldn't see the top of the Arch through the clouds. Kristin didn't think I would have fun looking at the clouds from the Arch. I think she is right.

After we left the hotel Kristin took me to a place called "Union Station" in downtown St. Louis.

Kristin told me Union Station used to be big train station many, many years ago. Now it is full of shops and restaurants. I wasn't all that excited about the inside of the building but I had fun looking at the old-fashioned trains parked outside.

After we left Union Station Kristin told me she was taking me shopping. Sometimes shopping with Kristin is boring (shh...don't tell her I said that). Kristin must have seen the look on my face because she told me not to worry. She promised I would have fun at the mall.

Guess what? I DID have lots of fun at the mall. Kristin took me to a "Build-A-Bear Workshop" at the St. Louis Galleria. But I wasn't sure why. I already have Fredbird. Kristin then asked me if I wanted to make something for my brother and sister since they didn't get to come to St. Louis with me. I immediately told her YES!

I wanted to make them their own Fredbird but Kristin told me that Fredbird is only sold at Busch Stadium. WOW! That means my Fredbird is REALLY special.

Since I couldn't make Fredbird, I decided to make bears. I picked a brown bear for my brother and a tan bear for my sister. Here I am at the stuffing machine!

Here my new friend Cindy helps me stuff a bear.

After my bears were stuffed, Kristin took me to the "Fluffing Station" so I could comb off any loose threads. Next Kristin let me pick outfits for both of my bears. I decided I wanted them to have outfits similar to my Fredbird. So I picked a baseball uniform for my brother's bear and a similar pink-colored outfit for my sister. Dressing the bears was HARD work so Kristin helped me.

Here are the finished bears. Don't they look cool?!

Just before we left the store, Kristin helped me make a birth certificate for each of the bears.

I really had fun making both bears. It sure beat looking at the clouds outside! Just before we left the mall, Kristin bought me a baseball book so I won't get bored while we wait for the game tomorrow night.

Do you see the St. Louis Cardinal's player on the book cover? That's Mark McGwire. He doesn't play anymore but Kristin thinks he was a great player. That's why her rabbit's name is McGwire!

It isn't raining right now so Kristin says the Cardinals will play tonight. It is supposed to rain LOTS tomorrow but Kristin says the rain is supposed to end before the game starts. I sure hope so! I will be VERY sad if we can't see the game tomorrow night!

That's all for now. Kristin says if I am really good she will let me stay up and watch tonight's game on TV. GO CARDS!