Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Greetings from Singapore!

Hi everyone! I am writing to you from Singapore. See if you can find it on the map.

Kristin and I are here so we can catch a flight to Medan, Indonesia. Once we are in Indonesia, we will take another flight to our final stop, Banda Aceh.

Man...Singapore is a VERY long way from Chicago. It took two flights and almost 21 hours to get here!

Our first flight was from Chicago to Hong Kong. That flight was 15 hours! Before we got on the plane, Kristin told me she was able to use her rewards to get a better seat. I was very happy because I know this means Kristin gets a bigger seat that works like a recliner and better food. Kristin then told me she had a really special seat. I asked her why it was so special, but she told me I would have to wait until we got on the plane. Man, being patient is SO hard!

When we got on the plane, the flight attendant told Kristin that she needed to go upstairs. Upstairs?! I didn't think planes had two floors. Kristin smiled and told me that our plane was a Boeing 747 and it has two floors. Who knew? Kristin says the upstairs is called the "upper deck." I had no idea!

Being upstairs was super cool! I could see the pilots getting ready for the flight from Kristin's seat. Here I am in Kristin's seat in the "upper deck."

I am SO glad Kristin gets rewards for flying all the time. I thanked her for getting us such a cool seat. Kristin says I should thank her friend Susan in Iowa City for the cool seat. Susan is Kristin's travel agent and she is the one who got us the "upper deck" spot. THANKS SUSAN!

Kristin's had her very own TV screen. It has this really neat map channel. The map shows the route of the plane from Chicago to Hong Kong.

I was still tired from the trip to Djibouti so I slept most of the flight. But Kristin woke me up when the plane flew over the North Pole. I know we flew over the North Pole because the TV map showed our plane going over the North Pole. Do you know who lives at the North Pole? Santa Claus! I peeked out the window but I couldn't see Santa's workshop from the plane. I must remember to tell Santa that I flew over his house in my next Christmas letter.

Once we landed in Hong Kong, Kristin told me that we had to change planes. We waited for our new plane in the business lounge. If you look real closely, you will see the United plane we took to Hong Kong behind me.

Guess what? Kristin got to sit upstairs on the flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. How cool is that? But she says I shouldn't get used to the special seat. Kristin says she won't have special seats for the flights to Indonesia. :( I guess I should be happy that I got to sit upstairs in a plane twice on the same day!

Kristin says we will be here in Singapore for several more hours. Then we will fly from here to Medan, Indonesia to catch another plane to Banda Aceh. Whew! That's a lot of planes for one trip!

Until next time.....