Monday, February 26, 2007

The Long Journey Home

Hi everyone! I am safely back at home in Iowa...but I had many adventures along the way.

We left Djibouti on Friday morning at 11:30AM. Tony from Camp Lemonier picked Keith, Kristin and Malcolm up at the hotel and took us to the airport. Tony helped Keith, Kristin and Malcolm all week. He is very nice and I am going to miss him. Here I am with Tony as he dropped us off at the airport.

We flew from Djibouti to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Kristin told me before we got to Ethiopia that we would be staying there for at least 1o hours before our next plane ride. I figured that meant we would stay at the airport. But as soon as we arrived, the airline (Ethiopian Air) put Keith, Kristin, and Malcolm on a bus and drove them to a hotel far away from the airport. I asked Kristin if she knew we were going to a hotel. She said no. Keith later learned that the airline takes people to hotels in Addis Ababa if they have to wait longer than 7 hours for their next flight.

I thought this was a good idea...until I saw the hotel. I was not impressed. It sure wasn't like the hotel in Djibouti. I asked Kristin to take a picture of the bed in her room. Yuck!

I noticed when Kristin got to her room that she had to use her room key to lock the door from the inside. I have never seen a lock like that in a hotel room.

I thought all hotels had credit-card like keys. Kristin says she has had to use keys to lock her door from the inside in hotels in many countries. I had no idea!

Here's a photo of the view outside Kristin's room. The houses near the hotel had metal roofs. They sure didn't look like a place I would want to live in. I am so glad I have a nice home in Iowa.

FINALLY, the bus picked us up and took us back to the airport. Our flight to Paris left on-time. Since I have traveled so much with Kristin, I knew I had better sleep on the flight or I would get that jet-lag stuff. So I slept the entire way to Paris.

We stayed in the special business lounge in Paris until our flight to Chicago left. The flight to Chicago was very nice. Keith and Kristin got upgraded to the business section. You know what that means.....a nicer seat and better food!

When we landed in Chicago, Keith and Kristin told me there was a major storm in Iowa. Oh no! King Tut must still be mad at Kristin! Just outside of Chicago, the weather started to get bad and the roads were very slick. By the time Kristin got to Davenport, it was snowing so hard outside that I couldn't even see outside of the car window! I am so glad Kristin is a good driver. It took a lot longer to get home, but we made it!

I want to thank Keith and Kristin for taking me with them to Djibouti. I had fun at Camp Lemonier. I met so many nice people and I learned a lot about the military. I also want to thank my new friend Malcolm for being so nice to me.

Until my next adventure....bye!