Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Latest Adventure Has Begun

Hi everyone! I am writing to you from Chicago. Today is the day I am supposed to leave for Djibouti!

Kristin and Keith were not supposed to leave for Chicago until this morning. But Kristin and Keith decided to leave late yesterday to try and beat a big snowstorm. I am SO glad they decided to drive to Chicago last night. It was windy but the roads were clear last night. Here's what it looked like outside Kristin's hotel room near O'Hare airport this morning.

Do you remember Kristin had to drive through a big blizzard to get to O'Hare when we went to Doha and Dubai? Now I am convinced King Tut has placed a travel curse on Kristin. It seems like there is always bad weather when Kristin wants to fly somewhere!

I am worried that our flight still won't go today because of the snow. But Keith and Kristin told me not to worry. So far, Keith says our flight is still on time.

Kristin says we are flying from Chicago to Paris, France. We will spend the night in Paris and then fly to Addis Abba, Ethiopia. See if you can find Paris and Addis Abba on the map. We will then get on another plane and fly to Djibouti. Did you know the capital of Djibouti is Djibouti? I had no idea!

I am very excited that we will be going to Paris, France. I've never been there before. Kristin says it is one of her favorite cities to visit.

I guess I had better pack up my things. Keith and Kristin need to clear all of the snow off of Kristin's car so we can drive down the road to the airport.

Bye for now....