Friday, March 09, 2007

Safe in Singapore!

Hi everyone!

King Tut must be mad at Kristin AGAIN! Our flight was so late leaving Banda Aceh on Thursday night that we have now missed all of our other flights home. OH NO!!

Kristin has been working very hard to get us home. Right now, we are in Singapore at a nice hotel called the Pan Pacific. We are on the 11th floor of the hotel. Kristin's room even has a balcony!

We leave here tomorrow for Tokyo, Japan. See if you can find Tokyo on the map. We will fly from Tokyo to Chicago.

Kristin has been so busy trying to get new airplane tickets and get us to Singapore that she hasn't had time to anything else. I have more pictures and stories to post about Aceh, but Kristin needs to get back to work. I will update the blog when I can.

Until next time....