Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We Are Safe!

Hi everyone. Kristin says many of you have sent messages to make sure we are OK.

I am great! Kristin is working on her computer and she is watching me as I swim in the Banda Aceh hotel pool.

I'm not sure why people are worried about me. The weather is hot and the pool is nice! But, Kristin told me that there was an earthquake in Indonesia yesterday and a plane crash here this morning. Oh no!

She says we were about 500 miles from where the earthquake happened yesterday morning (Indonesian time). Kristin says she didn't feel the earthquake and I am pretty sure she would have told me if she did! The earthquake did happen on the island of Sumatra, where we are staying. Banda Aceh is on the northern coast of Sumatra and the earthquake happened on the western side of Sumatra.

The plane crash happened on the island of Java. Kristin says that is a different island than the one we are on. Kristin says there are hundreds and hundreds of islands in Indonesia. I had no idea!

Anyway, Kristin says she can understand why people are worried. Kristin doesn't want me to be scared but she told me it was OK to be a little worried about the bad news. I am more worried that Kristin won't have enough money to pay her bills!

Kristin needs her computer back. I promise to stay safe and I will update the blog with new stuff about my big trip outside Banda Aceh this week when Kristin takes a break from her computer.

Until next time....