Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Visit to Santa Monica

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. I am doing great. I love Los Angeles!

I know it has been a long time since I updated you. Kristin says I am supposed to tell you that it is her fault. She has been SO busy on her computer every night that I fall asleep long before she is done working on the computer. I told her it was OK, but I know she feels bad that I haven't had computer time.

SO...let me update you on my latest trip to Los Angeles. I haven't been bored! Kristin and her friend Rima are busy working on the radio program. I've spent the time playing with Willa, my new cars, and a cool new book and puzzle Kristin bought me about the United States. Thanks Kristin!

I was really excited about coming here because I love to play with Willa. Guess what? She really likes my treats! And, she recognizes me every time Kristin visits Rima's house. Here you can see Willa snacking on one of the treats I helped pick out for her.

I think the radio program is almost done. But, it hasn't been easy for Kristin. She told me the program was too long and I guess it is really hard to make the program the right length. Kristin spent lots of time texting on her phone, e-mailing, instant messaging, and even calling Keith and Simon this week. I was starting to get worried that we were going to be here longer than Kristin had planned, but she says all is OK now. I forgot how hard it is to be a journalist!

Last weekend, Kristin took a break from her computer and took me to a place called Santa Monica Pier. It is located in the city of Santa Monica. See if you can find it on a map.

Guess what? The Santa Monica Pier is an amusement park on the beach. Can you believe it? There is a BIG Ferris wheel and a roller coaster right near the water! Kristin says the Santa Monica Pier is very famous and has been in lots of TV shows. I had no idea!

I really wanted to ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel, but Kristin said it was too cold. (Shh...don't tell Kristin...but I think she was afraid to ride the roller coaster and Ferris wheel). But, Kristin did let me ride on this cool carousel. Have you ever seen a carousel? It's like a big merry-go-round with fancy horses that go up and down as the carousel turns.

She even let me pick which horse I wanted to ride on.

The ride was pretty fun (but I still think the roller coaster would have been better!).

After the carousel ride, Kristin took me so I could see the beach and the ocean? Guess which ocean this is? ( is the Pacific).

Right before we left, Kristin took me to the beach so I could stick my feet in the sand for a little bit. The sand was nice and warm on my toes!

Kristin decided to go shopping after we visited the Santa Monica Pier. I don't always like shopping with Kristin, but I decided that she needed a break from all of her hard work. Plus, she took me to the I can't complain.

Until next time....