Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Radio, Television, and More!

Hi everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to update you on things.

I am now in Los Angeles with Kristin. We got here on Tuesday afternoon. I thought we were going to drive to Los Angeles, but Kristin told me it was easier to fly. Here I am with Kristin waiting by a cool snake sculpture at the Las Vegas airport.

I will have lots of things to report about Los Angeles, but I wanted to give you one final update about Las Vegas first.

I think I told you that Keith and Kristin were in Las Vegas to attend a convention. I learned on Monday that the convention is called RTNDA@NAB. Wow...that's a LOT of letters! Kristin says the letters stand for the "Radio Television News Directors Association at the National Association of Broadcasters" annual convention. Whew...that's a LONG name, isn't it!

Anyway, Keith says this is the largest gathering of broadcasters in the United States. He also says Las Vegas is one of the few places in the entire country that can hold the convention. That's because the convention includes a HUGE building full of radio and television equipment.

Keith and Kristin took me over to the building with all of the equipment. I was shocked! I have never seen so many cameras, television sets, and microphones in my entire life. There was even a few helicopters INSIDE the convention center! Kristin says the helicopters are models that television stations can buy. I had no idea!

There was SO much to see in the convention hall, that I think it would take an entire week to see everything. Here is just ONE aisle of equipment so you get the idea of what I saw.

Keith and Kristin did look at a few radio recorders. They also looked at the newest computers that can help them make a radio show. Kristin also bought me a Las Vegas bear to help me remember Las Vegas and t-shirts for my brother and sister. Thanks Kristin!

On Monday afternoon, I found out Keith and Kristin were hosting a panel discussion for the RTNDA. The panel was to help American radio and television reporters learn how to report on global topics like Keith and Kristin do. And, guess what? My friend Simon was on the panel!

The other people on the panel were Lawrence Korb, Jamie McIntyre, and Debby Bush. Kristin says Mr. Korb used to work for President Reagan and he now works in Washington, DC. Mr. McIntyre is a reporter for CNN news. Kristin says my Aunt Lynn has probably seen Mr. McIntyre on TV. I will have to ask her! Debby Bush is a news person from Kansas City. They were all very nice!

After the talk was over, Kristin, Keith, and Simon went to dinner with Mr. Korb. After dinner, Keith and Kristin took me on another tour of Las Vegas. Guess what? I saw something else that looked really familiar outside a hotel called Caesars Palace.

Can you see the statue? It looks just like that "Nike" statue that I saw at the Louvre Museum in Paris earlier this year. Kristin says it isn't the real statue. I saw the REAL statue in Paris. How cool is that?

I must have been VERY tired from my exciting day in Las Vegas because I fell asleep before we got back to the hotel.

That's my wrap-up on Las Vegas. Kristin needs to get back to working on her computer, so I will send another message about Las Angeles when I can.

Bye for now!