Friday, June 29, 2007

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand!

Hi everyone! Kristin and I have safely made it to Bangkok, Thailand.

King Tut must be happy with Kristin this week, because we didn't have any big problems getting here. Our plane left Chicago on time! Kristin even got an upgraded seat. I was really glad about this because Kristin needed the bigger chair to rest.

Kristin's bunny, McGwire, got really sick the night before we left for Chicago. Kristin and her husband Eugene had to take him to the animal emergency room on Wednesday night. I know this because I was with Kristin helping her pack for the trip when she discovered McGwire wasn't feeling well. Kristin and Eugene were able to bring McGwire home after seeing the vet, but I could tell they were still really worried about him. I was worried too! He must have been very sick because I know people only go to the emergency room if they are really, really sick!

I have visited with McGwire before, and my Aunt Lynn takes care of him when Kristin and Eugene are gone on trips. So I could tell when Kristin let me pet McGwire after the trip to the doctor that he wasn't feeling good.

Just before we left for Chicago, Kristin and Eugene took McGwire back to the vet and he seemed to be doing a little better, but Kristin told me McGwire wasn't eating very much. I could tell she was very worried and upset when we left for Chicago. And Eugene called her just as we got on the plane in Chicago and he must have told her some bad news because she started crying. I think she really wanted to be home with McGwire and not on an airplane. So now you know why I was really glad Kristin got a nice seat on the plane. (Shhh...don't tell anyone, but I was starting to get really worried about McGwire too!)

The plane ride to Tokyo was 12 HOURS. Can you believe it? Kristin told me to rest because I was going to get that "jet lag" stuff. I slept for most of the trip. The rest of the time I looked at the cool map that was on the TV screen at Kristin's seat.

Kristin told me we were not going to stay in Tokyo very long. She wasn't kidding! We went to the same business lounge we visited on our way back from Aceh for about an hour and then we had to walk to the gate to catch our next flight.

The flight to Bangkok took 6 hours and this time Kristin didn't get an upgraded seat. :( But, she did have her own TV screen AND it had a remote control. I have been on many airplanes and I have never seen remote controls for TVs on any of them! Kristin soon showed me why there was a remote control. In addition to movies, news, and cartoons, the TV had Nintendo! Can you believe that?!! Don't tell my Mom....Kristin let me play video games for most of the flight. I was so busy playing games and watching cartoons that I forgot to ask Kristin to take my photo!

Just before we landed, the TV screen went blank. But then I started to see a few some bright circles on it. Kristin told me the circles were actually street lights. The plane had an outside camera. How cool is that? We got to watch the plane land on the runway. Kristin said we were seeing the same thing as the pilot. How awesome is that?

It was very dark when we arrived in Bangkok, so I can't tell you what it really looks like here. But I can tell you that it is HOT and there is lots of that "humidity" stuff in the air. Kristin says it is "rainy season" here. She says during certain parts of the year, it rains a lot. She says it kind of like winter in Iowa, except it rains here instead of snowing. I had no idea!

Our hotel is right at the airport and a van was waiting to pick us up. I am SO glad. I didn't want Kristin to have to pull all of her luggage across the parking lot to the hotel. We are staying at the Novotel Hotel. It is very nice. Kristin's room reminds me of the room she had in Singapore on our trip back from Indonesia.

I'm not sure I told you that Kristin has a new BlackBerry. My friend Keith at the Stanley Foundation has one too. His looks a lot like a Game Boy. Kristin's is different. But the best part is that her phone works here in Thailand.

Kristin was able to call home and check on McGwire. Eugene told her that McGwire was doing much better. He also told Kristin he had a surprise for her. He set up a Web camera so Kristin could see McGwire on her computer. How cool is that?! Here you can see me watching McGwire on Kristin's computer. I must tell Aunt Lynn about this!

If you look closely on the screen in the photo above, you can see McGwire and his cage.

I am SO glad McGwire is feeling better. I know Kristin is happy too. But, she did tell me that McGwire is still sick and that it may take a long time for him to get better. I sure hope he gets better soon!

Kristin says we are leaving for the airport soon so we can get on another plane and fly to Cambodia. I am really tired from that jet-lag stuff, so I am going to rest now.

Bye for now!