Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sad News

Hi everyone. I have some very sad news to tell you.

My friend Kristin called me yesterday to tell me her bunny, McGwire, died on Thursday.

I am so sad. McGwire was a really nice bunny. I am going to miss him. I know Kristin, Eugene, and my Aunt Lynn will miss him too.

I told Kristin that I always get sad when a pet goes to "pet heaven." Kristin told me it is OK to be sad. But she also told me that I should remember all of the good things about McGwire and that will help me feel better. She is right. I still miss my dogs Lambeau and Pooh, but I remember how much fun they were to play with.

I told Kristin now McGwire can meet my dogs Lambeau and Pooh in pet heaven. I am sure they will have a great time playing together.

Bye for now.