Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet Jackson Harering

Hi everyone. I want you to meet my new friend. His name is Jackson Harering. Jackson Harering is Kristin's new bunny. I finally got to meet him tonight.

Jackson Harering...or almost 5 months old. He is VERY soft and very nice. He has a nice cage like McGwire's. He also has a whole bunch of toys. Who knew bunny rabbits needed toys?!

JH even has a giant tube he can run and play in.

He also like to play with empty boxes.

Actually, JH likes to play with just about anything. He is much more active than McGwire. Kristin says that's because JH is still a baby bunny.

I am so happy Kristin has a new bunny. I know she was very sad when McGwire died. I still miss McGwire, but Jackson Harering is pretty cool. Kristin agrees Jackson Harering is pretty cool, but she also says he has a "devilish" side. So Kristin bought JH a Halloween costume. Guess what? He's going to be a devil for Halloween.

Jackson Harering has a blog (just like me!). You can see more photos and even a few videos of JH at

That's all for now. Bye!