Friday, October 26, 2007

My Next Adventure: Korea

Hi everyone! I am SO excited. My friend Kristin just called and told me she is going on another big trip and she asked if I wanted to come along. Of course I said YES!

This time Kristin is going to Korea. See if you can find Korea on the map (hint…it is in Asia).

Kristin says she is going as part of a “fact finding” trip with 16 other journalists. She says it is similar to the “fact finding” trip we took to Egypt last year. Cool! I loved the Egypt trip!

Kristin tells me there are lots of things to learn about Korea. I am going to get out my Atlas so I can learn a little bit about Korea before we go.

Kristin says we will leave next Thursday (November 1). I guess I had better get packing!

Until next time…