Thursday, November 01, 2007

My Next Adventure Begins...When King Tut Isn't Mad!

Hi everyone!

I hope your day is going well. Mine isn't going according to plan.

I would have thought King Tut would no longer be mad at Kristin for taking my picture in his tomb last year. I am WRONG!

King Tut must still be mad because our flight to Chicago was delayed this morning and then canceled. It is a good thing that Kristin knows how to deal with the airlines. She was able to get us tickets on a flight to Denver. We will then take another plane to Los Angeles.

By the way....I learned this morning that my friend Keith from the Stanley Foundation is going with us to Los Angeles. So is Kristin's new co-worker. His name is Sean. He is very nice. Kristin says Sean is also going with us to Korea. Cool!

Our new flight doesn't leave until Kristin is letting me use her computer while we wait at the airport in Cedar Rapids. Keith and Sean are also busy on their computers.

Keep your fingers crossed our flight to Denver is on time!

Bye for now.....