Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings from Delhi, India!

Hi everyone! I am now in Delhi, India.

I bet you wonder where I've been haven't you? I was in Shanghai, China for the last 5 days but I wasn't able to update my blog. That's because I couldn't log onto the site to make it work. I asked Kristin to help me and she looked at the computer and told me right away that I would have to wait until we got to India before I could update the blog.

Kristin did tell me before the trip that I might not be able to update the blog in China. I asked her why once I couldn't make the blog work. She says people in China can get on the Internet just like we do in the United States. BUT, she says the Chinese government doesn't allow people to see everything on the Internet. I had no idea! I thought this was really strange but then I remembered the people in North Korea don't have access to the Internet at all. So I guess it is better to have some access than no access.

I know Kristin emailed photos to Aunt Lynn so she would know that I am safe (yes, Kristin's email worked....but Blogger did not...very strange).

I will be working over the next day or so to get my Shanghai posts on the blog. You will just need to be patient. :)

Now I am in Delhi, the capital of India. Getting here was NOT easy. We were supposed to leave Shanghai at 1:00AM on Monday (January 14) but it was snowing outside when we left the hotel. The doorman told us it hadn't snowed here in 5 years. Can you believe it?! Anyway, the snow delayed our flight (or King Tut just decided to be mad at Kristin again). The worst part about the delay was staying at the airport. It wasn't heated and no shops were open. Kristin and Amy tried to nap but spent most of the time trying to stay warm. Kristin had me put on my Cardinal's shirt and then tucked me away into a warm spot in her purse so I didn't get cold.

Our plane had to stop in Bangkok, Thailand to get fuel about half-way through the trip. I like Thailand but I didn't like being stuck on the plane there. I just wanted to get to India. Once we arrived in Delhi, the line to get through immigration and customs took almost an hour. And the immigration and customs area at the Delhi airport is NOT very nice. I was really glad when Kristin and Amy finally got their suitcases.

A cab was supposed to meet us at the airport but there was no one waiting for us when we walked outside. I was REALLY nervous we were going to be stuck at the airport. But then Kristin saw a person from our hotel and talked to him. He then arranged for the hotel's car to bring us to the hotel. Whew!

We are staying at the Hyatt in New Delhi. It is nice, but not as nice as the hotel in Shanghai. Hotels here are very expensive so Kristin and Amy are sharing a room to stay within budget.

Well that's about all for now. I have seen nothing but the hotel so far. Plus I am really tired and I need rest. Tomorrow I think I will get to see more of Delhi.

Bye for now!