Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Again!

Hi everyone. I am safely back in Iowa from my adventures in China and India.

Kristin, Amy, and I made it to Muscatine just before Midnight on Wednesday, January 23rd. Our flight from Shanghai was late getting into Chicago. Then Kristin had to drive through rush-hour and icy roads to get home. It is a good thing she had THREE seats to herself on the plane. She was able to sleep most of the flight. I'm glad because otherwise she would have been too tired to drive us back to Iowa.

I slept part of the flight but Kristin warned me I would still get that jet-lag stuff. She was right! I am really tired so I am going to take a nap. I still have plenty of things to share with you from India. I will update you when I am awake (and Kristin can help me edit photos). And I have to help Kristin unpack!

See how much stuff she brought back? Not all of it is hers...some of it is mine too! Kristin was kind enough to buy me some gifts along the way. I can't wait to show them to Aunt Lynn!

I want to thank Kristin and Amy for taking me on another great adventure. I also want to thank Amy's family (Mary, Steve, Peter, and Diane) for being so nice to me in China and Aseem, his wife Etka, their daughter Kriti, and his parents for being so nice to me in India. I know I am very lucky to have good friends all around the world.

Bye for now!